I was looking for some new gloves to get me through the Winter period and stumbled across these. I’ve previously used some neoprene gloves over winter and while they were wind proof and waterproof, I found them too cold and bit restrictive when changing gears and opening zips and adjusting Velcro cuffs, etc. 

The initial thing that caught my eye was the hi-viz colour as everyone out on the roads over the winter months knows just how important it is to be seen as the light starts to fade. These gloves certainly help, especially for those dangerous right hand manoeuvres across traffic where you are keen for the drivers behind you to see that you intend to pull out into the centre of the road. 

The quality of these gloves appears very good and they’re made from durable and hard wearing material, which doesn’t have the restrictive feel when using the brakes and shifters (I’m running Ultegra shifters). They are comfortable and the padding seems to be in the correct pressure areas to protect your hands when on the hoods and bars. I initially wore these for a couple of days commuting when the temperature must have been between 2-5 degrees and these were comfortably warm and kept my hands dry and free from wind chill. I’ve since been out wearing them in a couple of heavy showers and they have passed the test in keeping my hands dry, but I’ve not fully tested the 100% waterproof claim by totally submerging them yet! 

The only down side for me is that these gloves can get a bit too warm and as the weather over recent years has been all over the place we seem to get an abundance of cold starts and warm afternoons (even in December & January) where I’ve had temperatures above 10oC on the return leg of my commute. In these temperatures I found them a little uncomfortable, so by the time spring is here I’ll need to be thinking about carrying a spare pair of gloves that aren’t as warm for my return journey. 


These are definitely a worthwhile investment for the cold winter months, but you’ll need to consider an alternative for Spring\Autumn conditions as these will be too hot in my opinion. However, with up to 40% off them now’s the time to purchase a pair

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