Having recently moved house I’d some how managed to lose my saddle bag containing my everyday ride tool kit, which I must admit I was gutted about! I’m not sure how I’d managed to lose it and as far as I was aware it had always been attached to one of my bikes which were all accounted for. With the expense of moving I could have done without the expense of replacing it too!

Topeak Wedge Aero iGlow Saddle Bag

I’d been very impressed with my previous Topeak saddle bag and sticking with the same make I opted for the iGlow pack which has a small LED strip on the back which I hope will be good for commuting going forwards.

The pack I would say is medium in size and has enough room for a spare tube, multi tool, tyre leaver and C02 valve and canister which in my opinion is enough to get you out of most situations if you keep on top of the maintenance after rides. The bag it’s self seems sturdy and the clip that fastens it to the saddle is so much easier to secure in place compared to the cheaper Velcro straps, which makes it easier to remove when cleaning or transporting the bike.

The zip as well seems good quality, so I’m hoping it will last well when when the Yorkshire elements are thrown at it. Having had mixed expectations of the LED strip, the first commute post clock change I was pleasantly surprised with how effective it was in terms of visability and this will be something I use in conjunction with other lights to improve my chances when riding in the traffic.

Topeak Hexus II 16 Function Multi Tool

I chose the Topeak Hexus 2 multi tool. It has all of the tools I’d imagine you’d ever need when out on the bike to fix a broken chain, adjust the brakes, lower or raise the seats, tighten a loose spoke to name just a few. It’s nice and compact and I like the fact the outer protection of the tool kit doubles up as tyre leavers so everything you need is all together. It’s light weight (167g) and nice and compact so it’s fits well inside the pack and the build quality looks good so I’m sure it will last many years (providing I don’t lose it!).

Lezyne Trigger Speed Drive CO2 Inflator

Having been a fan of the C02 infiltrators for a few years now, I opted for the faithful Leyzene inflator. When choosing this I was keen to replace with another Leyzene as they are well made and the trigger release system was a must to prevent loosing the contents of the canister before I’ve got it in position and I also wanted one compatible with threaded canisters so that I could use the stock pile of spare canisters I’d acquired over the years. I find that they will inflate a tyre to full pressure with ease (which is almost impossible with a hand pump when you need to exceed 100psi of pressure). The valve is also supplied with a canister, so that you are ready for action. If you are using one of these for the first time then I’d recommend that you sacrifice a canister and practice at home, as you don’t want to be stranded at the side of the road in the elements trying to use it for the first time. Another bonus with the Lezyne valves is that they are supplied with a cover for the canister which stops the the can freezing to your hand… these things get very cold when you release the gas!  

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