Why do I need one of them I hear you cry, I’ll just prop my bike up with a copy of the yellow pages… Well to be fair I’ve been utilizing indoor trainers for well over five years now and until recently I thought the same. Although I got fed up of constantly having to adjust the front wheel and move the book back into position that my front wheel was sat on so I decided to give one a try.

Obviously with your bike fixed to an indoor trainer it usually means the rear wheel is raised by 3-4 cm’s so at a minimum you want to look at evening this in order get a level position.

So first impressions… I was quite surprised how big these were, but that’s not a bad thing and when on the ground and in situ it doesn’t take that much room as you can see from the photo. The block is very sturdy and sits securely on the floor. I’ve used this on a tiled surface too and I had no issues with it moving while training. There are three different height options so it should give you the riding position that you need, however with block alone I wouldn’t say it simulated a steep hill grade and I feel at most it will just level out your bike or simulate a small drag as apposed to a full on climb. CycleOps are aware of this and these are in fact designed to be stacked (maximum of 2 recommended) so with 2x blocks you do in fact open up the possibility of 12 different positions and what will replicate a much steeper incline for all you polka dot jersey chasers out there.

You will see that I’m using a standard road bike (23mm tyre), but these will also fit a mountain bike tyre up to 2.5″ wide.

So all in all my only regret is not purchasing one of these sooner instead of making do with a make shift prop to level out my bike. At just over £17 (Click here to buy) it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone using an indoor trainer who wants the ability to adjust the front wheel to suit their riding position. I’ll definitely be investing in a second to allow me to stack them as part of my Fred Whitton training over the next couple of months.

Happy training all and remember winter miles bring summer smiles 🙂

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