So we’ve been hearing for a while now about BikeSoup and what they have to offer for people wanting to buy and sell bikes. I have to admin I’ve been an ebay man myself. But so many people have had good experiences with BikeSoup I thought it was worth looking into.


They have a massive amount of bikes available and seem to catter to anyone! From a novice looking for a basic bike for a weekend ride with the kids through to the competetive rider looking for a high end bike to help make those gains. I’m not looking for a bike at the moment so didn’t purchase myself. But a quick look at the customer reviews and taking into account the number of tools available I would say my next bike will more than likely be bought from BikeSoup. That being said these are second hand bikes and you do need to use caution when buying as you would and other second hand purchase.


This too couldn’t be easier, there are a few steps involved all with clear instructions to make it quick and easy. They also help with shipping through their partners and payments are made safely and direct to you. The best bit for me compared to ebay and other sales sites is there is no fees involved unless your bike sells! This could save you a lot of hassel and expence should you be unfortunate enough for your bike to remain unsold.

Our Picks

We’ve taken the time to have a look through and bellow are our 5 picks of the bikes currently listed for sale on BikeSoup.

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