I’ve been itching to get my little girl her first bike for sometime and now that shes 2.5 and it’s summer time, I thought it’s the right time. Like everyone else I read through the reviews in an attempt to shortlist a few, However, after finding the Verenti Woody Runner I was sold! The reviews were good and it looked the business (at least as far as I could tell from the pictures). At £29.99 it also looked good value and comparable with other top end balance bikes which seemed to be £70-£140!!


It arrived within 2 days of ordering and I was excited to get it built up so that she good have a go. It comes part assembled with the frame and seat post already assembled and it was simply a case of attaching the fork & handlebar combo and the wheels. All that’s required to build it 2x 5mm Allen keys (which are supplied) and it’s very simple, with a basic diagram to follow. I would say it took the approx 10-15 mins to do. The only down side I found was when I came to inflate the tyres, as my track pump valve was simply too big to fit in between the spokes, so I had to resort to flimsy hand pump.


All in all the build quality is good and its got a soft seat and handle bar grips for the little one. When I showed my little girl she was over the moon and couldn’t wait to get her helmet on to have a go. With the seat in the lowest position it was a still a little too big for her (she’s approx 105cms) however there’s plenty of room for her to grow into it as the seat is adjustable and has a further two settings. She soon got the hang of pushing herself along but struggled a bit balancing on her tip toes and was keen for daddy to push her.

One useful feature I’ve found is that there is a cut out handle in the frame which makes it easy to carry for when they either want a rest, or like any 2 year old loose attention! I’m certainly pleased with the purchase and look forwards to helping her clock up some miles and maybe a strava segment or two 😉


Pros: Good Value, Good Build Quality, Adjustable Seat & easy to assemble.

Cons: Only come in blue. Although my little girl likes blue, I’m sure she would have liked a pink one to go with her helmet.

If you’re interested please follow the links bellow to buy one on:

Wiggle:- http://tidd.ly/438528ed

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